New release system for CAETEC dataLog firmware

To provide our customers improved and even faster access to new functions and bug fixes, CAETEC has designed a new release system, to be applied from dataLog firmware version 2015.x.

ARCOS 1.5 sets new standards

Our newest basic unit, the ARCOS 1.5, just got even better: more compact and efficient, with higher performance.

ARCOS data logger as XCP slave

Laptop + Ethernet connection + ARCOS = XCP slave

With this simple formula, the ARCOS data logger, as illustrated in the diagram, fulfills the task of an XCP slave.


CAETEC has adapted ARCOS and its interface modules to meet the new demands of mobile measurement technology.

The ARCOS data logger and XCP on Ethernet measurement tasks

Setting up our ARCOS data logger within a measurement chain integrating Vector hardware (see illustration below) enables the use of XCP on an Ethernet protocoll to perform measurement tasks and record data from an electronic control unit via Plug-on Device (POD).