CAETEC has adapted ARCOS and its interface modules to meet the new demands of mobile measurement technology. We present our message to current developments in vehicle network architecture: the CLFD Box. Its enhanced features are an increased number of interfaces, combined with significant size reduction. With its high degree of integration, the CLFD Box combines reduced channel price with low power consumption.
To accommodate a range of measurement channels, the CLFD Box is equipped with multichannel connectors. Alternatively, we offer custom connector solutions. The new design of the CLFD Box is already prepared for CAN FD. And, of course, it is totally compatible with our new ARCOS 1.5.

              ARCOS_CLFD2                  ARCOS_CLFD1                                                     

CAN - 16 channels
LIN - 8 channels
FlexRay - 2 channels
Digital - 2 inputs / 2 outputs