The ARCOS data logger and XCP on Ethernet measurement tasks

Setting up our ARCOS data logger within a measurement chain integrating Vector hardware (see illustration below) enables the use of XCP on an Ethernet protocoll to perform measurement tasks and record data from an electronic control unit via Plug-on Device (POD).


With this configuration it is possible, for example, to simultaneously record 10,000 labels from a control unit, creating them in the data formats ATFX or MDF 4.1, for further processing and evaluation.

This functionality has already been implemented by a number of our customers.

When the ARCOS data logger is using CCP / XCP to take measurements from a control unit, it is also possible to import an existing experiment from another application software, in XML format, directly into the configuration file of the Phönix configuration too. When configuring the ARCOS data logger, application engineers can thus achieve significant time savings, while increasing process reliability.